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We are Falkirk’s longest established health club and pride ourselves in our commitment to our members.

Ship Shape first opened in January 1987. Back then it was called Omega Sportplex, which incorporated both the health club and Kobe-Osaka Karate Club. It was a family run business, with Tommy and Steven Morris teaching the karate, while Gillian with some help from Kenny looked after the Health Club.

In 1991, Kenny was working full time in various Glasgow health clubs as a coach and personnel trainer. He was also perusing his bodybuilding career and attaining his goal of winning Mr Scotland which he achieved in 1992. He decided to focus all his energy on developing and improving Ship Shape, so major changes were implemented in order to keep up with the fast moving health industry. All the heavy barbells and loose weights were removed and replaced with state of the art, American designed Polaris machines. With the karate making way for the expanding health club, we decided to change the name to Ship Shape Fitness Studio. Kenny was now solely in charge of running Ship Shape and has over seen many changes since then. The most recent being introducing our free weights again including Olympic bar, T-Bar rower and kettlebells. We have just purchased new Precor Eliptical trainers for the cardio area which are a great hit with our members. With over 31 years experience in the health club market in Falkirk, Kenny works closely with his manager Barry who has been a valuable member of the team for over 20 years since completing his sport science qualifications.

His brother Steven still teaches under the Kobe-Osaka name in Falkirk and Glasgow areas, while father Tommy has expanded internationally to 20+ countries.


If you are interested in joining or want to come in for a free trial
workout, then give us a call on 01324-636334 to make an appointment.