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main gym

Main Gym Area

Our main workout area is spacious, allowing plenty of room to workout safely. Our resistance equipment is American designed Polaris machines, which are among the best on the market. Don’t take our word for it, why not come along and try them out for yourself? There are nearly 40 workout stations, so no waiting in queues to get on the machines. We have a selection of benches, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells and a separate area for our decline bench press and Olympic & EZ bar. A smith machine and T-Bar rower compliment our range of equipment.

Circuits Area

Circuits Area

Our circuit area houses our functional training frame work. You can perform numerous body weight exercises as well as attaching various resistance bands and straps. There is a selection of medicine balls, power bags, skipping ropes and various other machines and equipment. We have been running circuit classes both indoor and outdoor since 1996. No two classes are the same and we cater from beginner to advanced with a maximum of ten participants in a class.

Check circuit class times and availability by contacting us. Use of the circuit area and classes are included in our memberships.



All of our cardio equipment has been replaced in the last few year. We have Matrix treadmills, concept rowers and a variety of upright and recumbent bikes as well as two new Precor Eliptical Trainers just arrived.



You can purchase a good selection of sports drinks and water to keep you going during your workout. In addition we have good quality supplements from protein and weight gainer, to fat burners. We also stock training gloves, lifting straps and shakers. We will readily offer you advice on supplements and diet, and we will not sell you something that you don’t need. There is also an ordering service if you require a product that we do not stock.

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